5 Reasons Why Cash Is King

Is Cash Dead? Far From It.


Cash has proven resilient despite threats over the years from a variety of alternatives, including credit and debit cards, online payment systems and digital wallets. The reason cash has proven resilient is because of
its benefits – and there are plenty.

Here's five reasons why cash is still king:

  • Convenient
  • Inclusive
  • Anonymous 
  • Lower Transaction Costs
  • Emergency Back-Up

High volumes of coins and bills remain in circulation around the world. In the United States, cash circulation is higher than ever. The U.S. is hardly alone, according to banking services organization BIS, which says most countries have seen higher cash in circulation since 2000.

Find out more about the benefits of using cash and why cash has been resilient despite a variety of threats from cash alternatives in The Resilience of Cash in a Digital World white paper.


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