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‘Whole in One’ with
POS System for Golf Tournament

The 2014 PGA Memorial Tournament hosted by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus delivered a couple of significant firsts. For the first time, Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama won the tournament, and APG Cash Drawer debuted its Stratis™ Integration System as part of a mobile POS solution used at concession and food stations.

Golf Tournament Case Study

The “whole-in-one” solution featured iPads as POS stations, Epson printers, and state-of-the-art software from APG partner Lavu IncCulinetwork, a POS solutions provider and Lavu partner, installed the system in the days leading up to the golf competition, which raised $148,000 for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The Stratis system consists of a cash drawer and a holder for all tablets between 6.6 inches and 8.5 inches. The holder can be flipped to face customers so they can see the screen and sign for their purchases. Some 200,000 golf fans and professionals attended the tournament in late May, and the system helped move things along at concessions by cutting four seconds off each transaction.

Quick Turnaround

Providing point-of-sale service successfully to that many people required careful planning and reliable technology, but time was short. Culinetwork, which waived its fee for the charity event, had to get the system up and running fast after beating two competitors for the job.

With 20 rented iPads, 20 cash drawers on loan from APG and 20 printers borrowed from Epson, Culinetwork got to work on integrating the components and installing the system. It took two and a half days, says Culinetwork CEO Josh Green.

“We installed the terminals in different areas of the golf course,” Green says. “Once the systems were installed, we had time to train the people and volunteers who would be using them. Some volunteers had never touched an iPad before, but they picked it up quickly.”

Despite the speed of the installation, Green says Culinetwork had to overcome a couple of challenges. Muirfield’s accounting system required some integration with the Lavu solution, which Culinetwork and Lavu worked together to address.

It was also necessary to build three different menus for specific sets of items, and that meant issuing software licenses for each. For accounting purposes, Lavu had to create a new type of report, which tracks and documents sales by register. “It worked out so well that we’ve since rolled it out to all clients,” Green says.

Strength in Partnerships

Green was confident in his ability to deliver on the Muirfield project because of his company’s experience and its vendor partnerships. Culitnetwork was a pioneer in reselling Lavu’s POS software, having connected shortly after it was launched. Lavu got started when its founders were asked to develop an affordable, easy-to-use restaurant POS that leveraged wireless, cloud and touchscreen technology.

“Culinetwork saw potential early on with Lavu iPad POS based on mobility, touch screen interface technology, and wireless capabilities. Lavu’s ease of use could help restaurant owners run their front of the house more efficiently, while the backend reporting – available anywhere with an Internet source – would keep their business management organized,” Green says.

Lavu POS lets restaurants use iPads, iPhones or iPod Touches to take tableside orders, track seating, and email receipts to customers. “We built our product with the customer in mind and to meet the needs of modern-day restaurateurs. Unlike traditional POS solutions, we came up with a simple, smart solution that is easy to set up and learn,” says David Miles, director of marketing/creative at Lavu.

Tom Ketell, manager of Norh American sales for Epson’s Business Systems Division, says Lavu’s solution is perfect for its smart POS printers. “Lavu is the first to integrate our smart device into its iPad POS for hospitality, utilizing all the functionality it was built to deliver. We like to partner with innovative companies that think outside the traditional POS box,” he says.

Early on, Lavu was referred to APG and decided to use its cash drawers based on the company’s reputation for supporting partners and the drawers’ track record of durability, Miles says. When it came to the PGA tournament, he says, the choice of cash drawers was obvious.

“The Stratis system is really sleek and has extra functionality that worked out well. Things like the tablet holder save time and provide a ‘wow’ factor for the customer. Staff and management liked the clean look of the built-in cable management, and the LED strip on the back side makes the cash location visible in the dark.”

As the proving ground for the Stratis system, the PGA tournament showed how it is possible to deliver state-of-the-art POS service even on a golf course, says APG President Mark Olson. “The POS solutions at this event were innovative and helped create a seamless checkout experience,” he says.

Lavu, Culitnetwork, Epson and APG worked as a team to put together a package to help make the tournament a rewarding experience for the 200,000 attendees.

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