What Resellers Really Look For When Partnering With ISVs


Ask executives at the world’s leading software companies the secrets to their company’s success and they’ll offer up the usual answers: value, simplicity, the right offerings, a tough interview process leading to the hiring of the right people … the list goes on and you’re most likely already familiar with it. Notice, however, these answers focus on what can be done internally — those things the company has control over.


But what about things the company can’t control — things keeping leadership up at night? First and foremost among these is developing new business through a partnership network. Why? Because partners provide a steady revenue stream, as well as foster growth and the ability to scale faster.


But don’t be fooled into thinking partners are lining up to resell your product; that’s simply not true. You’re going to have to entice them to want to partner with you, as well as realize they’ll benefit from the partnership by seeing a significant ROI for their efforts.


So how can you not only develop these strategic partnerships, but know that you’re going to be able keep your partners around for the long haul? One way is to look at the partnership from the other side.


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