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SMARTtill Technology

Brings Order to Cannabis Dispensary’s Cash-handling


An APG case study in partnership with POSTREMO  + Green America

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POS software for the Cannabis industry


When you’re running a cash business, keeping track of all proceeds from transactions is vital. But it isn’t easy. Just ask the owners of the Green America cannabis dispensary in Perris, CA. The store had virtually no controls and procedures for cash-handling; employees issued no transaction receipts, for traceability, and often grabbed bills from tills to pay suppliers and for petty-cash type transactions.

It was clear Green America needed a better way. As with other marijuana dispensaries, it runs on cash because of federal laws prohibiting banks from working with them. Having just opened its doors at the beginning of 2019, the company’s chaotic cash-handling would only get worse unless the owners acted quickly. That’s when POSTREMO, the provider of the POS solution Green America uses, integrated a technology and software solution that would help.

POSTREMO offers a full turnkey solution for retailers: a cloud-based software package with modules for CRM, inventory management, POS and cash management. The company offers the solution in an “as a service” model that also covers the management and networking of peripherals, such as Citizen POS printers, hubs and switches, APG intelligent cash drawers, digital signage and iPads that serve as POS stations. As Green America struggled to get its cash-handling traceable and under control, POSTREMO was looking for a customer test case for APG Cash Management’s SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution.


POSTREMO’s owners came across the SMARTtill® Solution during an industry event and thought it would be a great complement to the comprehensive software solution they provide. “It was pretty impressive. I liked the data collection capabilities we can integrate. Having designed our software, I loved the ability to interface with the SMARTtill Solution,” says POSTREMO President Nik Spence, who developed the software.

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