Connect a Cash Drawer to Your Mobile POS System

Connect a cash drawer to your POS system how you want! From mobile solutions (Bluetooth and wireless) to printer driven, USB, serial and Ethernet interface connections, we have the wired or wireless solution for you.

Does your POS system utilize mPOS technology to efficiently deliver your customers the best service and experience? Create a dynamic point of sale solution with the newest interface solutions. Integrate your cash drawers with mobile applications to deliver superior service and shopping experiences for your customers. Our mobility partners help us to design solutions to fit customers' needs. View more of our resources.


How Do You Want to Connect?


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USB Interface

Printer-Driven Interface

Wifi Interface

The Model 554B and Model 485 USB Interfaces for Cash Drawers provide convenient, cost-effective solutions for USB ports.

Connect your cash drawer through a variety of interchangeable cables to receipt printers and POS terminals using the MultiPRO® Interface.

 The NetPRO® interface allows you to integrate with our wide range of Ethernet-ready cash drawers.


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Mobile Cash Drawer Solutions

Are you looking to deploy a tablet point of sale solution? Developing a solution to assist with line or queue busting? Or are you launching a true hand-held point of sale system? Well, don’t forget about the cash transaction! In this digital age, cash still represents 30% of all retail transactions. So when thinking tablet, mobile or line busting, think APG and our range of mobile interfaces for cash drawers.

Some innovative Interfaces your retail customers might be interested in exploring consist of APG’s BluePRO® Bluetooth device which enables retailers to wirelessly synchronize and create a one to one relationship between the cash drawer and tablet. The NetPRO® Ethernet and USBPro™ Interfaces allow retailers to create wired and wireless configurations to communicate with their mobile POS devices for control at the POS.



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