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Sometimes seeing is believing. Just ask the owners of Quincy Hardware in Waynesboro, PA, who were so impressed with a demonstration of APG Cash Drawer’s SMARTtill® Intelligent Cash Drawer Solution that they simply had to have it. Never mind that the store had just deployed two brand-new cash drawers a year earlier.

Automated Cash Management Technologies Case Study

Here’s what happened:

Quincy Hardware’s owner Solomon Hess and his brother Jude, the store’s Office Manager, were introduced to independent software vendor (ISV) J3 Point-of-Sale in 2018 at an industry trade show. They got to talking and Quincy Hardware agreed to buy three APG Vasario cash drawers from J3 POS, a Bucyrus, Ohio-based APG partner for over 27 years. Later, in November 2019, the Hess brothers attended a training session at J3 POS headquarters.

J3 POS holds these sessions periodically to teach clients how to use its software, says J3 POS President and CEO Fred Fischer. The ISV sets up tables with POS stations to simulate store checkouts. “We do it this way, so our clients aren’t being distracted by their customers or the phone when we are trying to train them,” Fischer explains. “If we do eight hours of training at the customer site, we might get three hours of attention.”

The Hesses attended the session to brush up on the software, after which they would share what they learned with the store’s 10 employees. During the two-and-half-day session, the Hess brothers chanced upon a SMARTtill® Solution demonstration. What caught the Hess brothers’ attention was the SMARTtill® Solution’s intelligent capabilities: The solution takes only a few seconds to total all currency inside the till following every transaction. “We showed them the time savings when counting cash at the end of day, and the ability to see any errors at the transaction level and which employee made the error,” Fischer says.

“J3 POS had a SMARTtill® Solution paired with FastCash Count Software set up in the training room, and that’s what really got us excited,” Jude Hess recalls. “What we were using requires us to count the cash every evening. The SMARTtill® Technology saves us at least 20 minutes every day. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it does add up over time. Long story short, we purchased three of them.”

Now, when the store closes at 6 p.m., there is no need to count money because the SMARTtill® Solution keeps an accurate balance at all times. Instead, the Hesses consult use(s) the J3 POS FastCash Count Software to look at the total and how much money (to) leave in the till for the next day.

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Automated Cash Management Technologies Case Study